Juha Kujanpää Ensemble is a new seven-piece orchestra performing Kujanpää's music. The ensemble was nominated as the Band of the Year of Kaustinen Folk Music Festival 2014. Ensemble is playing in Kujanpää's three albums: "To Where My Wings Will Take Me" (2017), Goldwing (2015) and "Tales and Travels" (2013). "Tales and Travels" received excellent reviews in media and was selected as one of the best albums of 2013 by the leading Finnish newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat.

Juha Kujanpää Ensemble combines two sides of Kujanpää's musicianship, acoustic Nordic folk and progressive rock/jazz music, resulting in a special, distinctive musical world. The ensemble consists of well-established Finnish folk players and rock/jazz musicians. Music has a strong “Finnish” sound, it combines beautiful violin melodies with aggressive fuzz guitars, sounds of Finnish forests and the nights of July. 


Juha Kujanpää: piano, reed organ, compositions

Timo Kämäräinen: guitar
Tero Tuovinen: bass
Jussi Miettola: drums

Tommi Asplund: violin
Alina Järvelä: violin
Esko Järvelä: violin